Digital electronic organs for your church
at highly competitive prices

An organ for the smaller church - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - or when a larger instrument is required

The purchase of a new organ can be one of the highest financial outlays for a church.

This can be especially so, for the smaller church or chapel requiring a well-built instrument to accompany worship.

There may be an ageing pipe organ or an older electronic organ that is causing concern with repair costs and not fulfilling its original purpose. Your church have decided that a new digital church organ should be purchased but the varying prices of organs and different models on the market, can appear to be a maize of information.

It is very important to select the correct organ to suit your church as the decision will effect not only current worshipers but those too in the future years.

Authentic pipe organ tone is essential, rather than a mediocre quality of sound, with lots of stops.

How many stops should the organ possess. Will it blend in with the church furniture. Will the speaker system within the organ console be adequate or will external speakers be needed, especially for larger attended services.

Maybe some of the people who play the organ are pianists rather than organists and some digital organs appear to be anything but, a simple, alternative to a pipe organ. What is needed, is something that you switch on, select your stops and just play! Without a degree in technology!

With all the above factors in mind we have good news for the smaller church or chapel and indeed the larger church, seeking a replacement church organ at a very affordable price.